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External Solution

    Commercial presentations
    bottle of 500 mL | 31096PER00002
    $ 19.35
    bottle of 1 L | 31096PER00003
    $ 36.94
    Each 100 mL contain: Cypermethrin 6 g, specific excipients for pour on application q.s. ad 100 mL.

    For control and treatment of horned fly (Haematobia irritans), sucking and masticator lice, Melophagus ovinus, flies and mosquitos. Acaricide and insect repellent action. 

    Dosage y administration:
    Spread the dose in linear form from cervix to lumbar zone. Bovines: 100-200 kg: 5 mL, 201-400 kg: 10 mL, more than 400 kg: 20 mL. Ovines and south american camelids: until 120 days post shearing: 5 mL per animal, more than 120 days post shearing: 6-7 mL per animal. Porcines: 5-7.5 mL per animal. In case of high infestation, the dose can be increased.

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